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South End (Apr. 2018)
How do prices/sq.ft. range within the neighborhood?
As of April 2018, the average asking price for South End is $1,099 per square foot. However, the individual properties that comprise this average range from $575/sq.ft. (a 5,205 sq.ft. multi-family at 670 Massachusetts Ave. asking $2,995,000) to $1,498/sq.ft. (a 1,998 sq.ft. 3BR condo at 7 Warren Ave PH18 asking $2,995,000).

Why do we report price ranges as well as average price per square foot? We believe that this gives a more complete picture of the neighborhood's pricing. Specifically, a price range gives a sense of the bargains that may still exist in established neighborhoods, but which may be obscured by the average figure. And these ranges also give a sense of the upper end of pricing in emerging neighborhoods.