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Neighborhood price report: Brighton

How do prices stack up at the beginning of August?
By Constantine Valhouli  |  August 10, 2020 9:03 PM

1650 Commonwealth Ave. via Coldwell Banker

As of August 2020, the average asking price for Brighton is $599 per square foot. However, that average price for the neighborhood hides a very wide range – and this is the sign of a healthy, dynamic neighborhood.

The individual properties that comprise this average range from a low of $311/sq.ft. (a 2,571 sq.ft. 2BR condo at 142 Bigelow St. #148A asking $800,000) to $1,250/sq.ft. (a 1,440 sq.ft. 3BR condo at 1650 Comm. Ave. #606 asking $1,800,000).

Quick aside: Why do we report price ranges as well as average price per square foot? We believe that this gives a more complete picture of the neighborhood's pricing. Specifically, a price range gives a sense of the bargains that may still exist in established neighborhoods, but which may be obscured by the average figure. And these ranges also give a sense of the upper end of pricing in emerging neighborhoods.

In general, multi-family properties tend to command a lower price/sq.ft. than do condos, and smaller units tend to have higher prices per square foot than do larger units even in the same building.

In terms of the upper end of the neighborhood, new development is almost always the most expensive. And Brighton is no exception. The Art Deco revival condos at 1650 Commonwealth Avenue allow you to indulge your Babylon Berlin fantasies within walking distance of Whole Foods and the Green Line. Except the neighborhood really needs a Moka Efti-style club. That would seriously make Brighton considerably more desirable as a destination. Until that happens, you can always watch the show. It's a bit like this.

Some data for y'all: