New York City Market Reports

Staten Island: Stapleton price range (June 2017)

By Constantine A. Valhouli  |  June 21, 2017 6:08 PM

Live with Man-Cat, Rainbow Lion, and the Octo-Window at 14-18 Broad Street. Via Realtor

As part of its ongoing analysis of the New York City housing market, the NeighborhoodX team has been exploring Staten Island's neighborhoods.

Stapleton is on the north shore of Staten Island, adjacent to St. George and Tompkinsville. This corner of the north shore is is perhaps the closest to lower Manhattan, and is undergoing considerable change with new, large-scale entertainment, shopping, and residential options being developed.

The current average asking price in Stapleton is $305 per square foot. However, the individual properties that comprise this average reflect the neighborhood's changing character - they range from a low of $168/sq.ft. (69-75 Thompson St.) to a high of $402/sq.ft. (14-18 Broad St.).

For comparison, Stapleton's average price ($305/sq.ft.) is lower than that of neighboring Tompkinsvillle ($348/sq.ft.), and Stapleton's price range ($168-402/sq.ft.) is both lower and narrower than that of Tompkinsville ($238-580/sq.ft.)

In the chart below, readers can hover over chart bars for more analytics, and the addresses link to the property listings.