Denver Market Reports

How widely do prices in Park Hill range?

By Constantine A. Valhouli  |  June 22, 2017 12:09 AM

4033 E 17th Ave. via Zillow

As part of an ongoing study, the NeighborhoodX Denver team is exploring and analyzing the neighborhoods of the city to understand their housing markets.

The current average asking price in Denver's Park Hill neighborhood is $264 per square foot.

However, the individual market-rate properties that comprise that asking price range from a low of $161/sq.ft. (4033 E 17th Ave.) to a high of $438/sq.ft. (2870 Pontiac St.).

For context, the current average asking price for Sunnyside is $327 per square foot (ranging from $229-574/sq.ft.), while Capitol Hill $337 per square foot (with a range of $177-511/sq.ft.)

Readers can hover over chart bars for more analytics, and property addresses in the charts link to the actual listings.